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World heritage, Shirakawago is located in the Perfectural boundary between Gifu and Toyama Perfectures, a steep mountains area, where unique living culture was forme.

There are many interesting places such as Wada family home which became an important culture asset of the country, and there places where are open for stay. The village use to be remote from the world until decades ago. Because it is one of heaviest snowfall area in Japan, in order to protect the house from heavy snow they were builded in unique structure.

there is a mountain drive course called Hakusan Shirakawago White road (the old name is Hakusan super forest road) connecting Shirakawago to Kaga Onsenkyo and you can enjoy a spectacular drive. Total lenght 24.5 km. From the top of the altitude of 1445 m. you can see the magnificent mointains and Mt. Haku that leads to the Northern Alps and you can see the 8 waterfalls. And it is surely going to make new discoveries such as charm and ability which Infiniti did not notice for every run


Wada-ke House

The country is designated as an Important Cultural Property. Between the entrance 14 and depth 7, it is the largest palm house left behind in Shirakawa-mura. The surrounding environment such as hedges and waterways is also a highlight. Admission is 300 yen for adults.

Open air museum Gasshozukuri Minkaen

An open-air museum that relocated and preserved the abandoned conscious house in Shirakawa-mura. It consists of various facilities where you can learn history and culture. Entrance fee is adult 600 yen.

White waterfall

White waterfall, a brave waterfall flowing down from the cliff surrounded by amazing forest. White waterfall name was given because the flowing water looks milky white. you need to plan this trip because the surrounding road is close in winter.

Doburoku Festival

famous event for this town is Doburoku Festival, a historic festival in Shirakawago that takes place in Autumn. From late September to Octorber, During the festival, sake home-brew is offered to the local mountain gods in thanks for their protection and with prayers for a good harvest. After the offerings though, there is plenty left over! The locals will happily share their Doburoku with you and invite you to join their celebrations, including songs, dancing, and niwaka (improvised buffoonery).


Nissan version Infinity Q50 V37 (13th generation) skyline. Total length about 4.8 m, total width 1.82 m. The Japanese powertrain is a Mercedes 3.5-liter engine + electric motor hybrid or a 2-liter turbo. For example, technical topics such as the world's first direct adaptive steering (hybrid car standard, 2 liter turbo option) remove the front wheel and mechanical mechanical integration and steer the front wheel with electrical signals and motor You It provides the driver with an unprecedented degree of control, providing unmatched handling and amazing agility.

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