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Gujo-Hachiman located in central of Gifu perfecture usually known as "town of water". Where is Yoshida river and many waterways flow through the town. Locals still used this waterways for their everyday life like washing vegetables, doing laundry and also for emergency like fire. In the summer you can see locals villagers and children hanging out, playing around and jump in to the River to cool-off summer heat.

Gujo castle. Also know as floating temple in japan, The castle sit very high up on top of Hachiman Mountain and during foggy weather its give the illusion that the castle like it's floating on the sky. Gujo castle was buid in 1559 but rebuild again in 1933 and became the oldest wooden reconstructed castle in Japan. "Gujo castle is the most beautiful castle" said by Ryotaro Shiba (Japanese author)

Obon Holiday: Obon (お盆) is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one's ancestors. It is believed that each year during obon, the ancestors' spirits return to this world in order to visit their relatives.


Gujo Hachiman former Government building Memorial

Located almost in the center of the city area. It is a Western-style building built in 1936. The wooden two-storey floor area is approximately 800 m2. It was used as the former Hachiman Town Hall until 1994.

Gujo Odori Festival

"Gujo Odori Festival" is one of the most famous dance festival in Japan. Start from mid-July to first weekend of September, townspeople gathering up for a Bon dance (Bon Odori) to continued their 400 years of traditional. The highlight is four nights of dancing until dawn during the Obon holiday.

Gujo castle

Japan's oldest wooden reconstructed castle. A sunny day looks like an "empty castle" standing above the clouds. The view from the castle tower is also great.

Yanaka Mizuno Street

It is an alley in the city center. The waterways running along the sides are maintained as fire protection and domestic water. There is a small art museum nearby.


This is the Japanese version of Infinity EX / QX50. Total length 4.64m, total width 1.8m. The FR layout and 3.7-liter V6 engine provide great driving pleasure.

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