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Nickname "Little Kyoto". Takayama city is develop from Kyoto City plan as a foundation, the city street and townscape were built following Kyoto city because they see kyoto as a successful city to remodel from. The symbol of this historic town is The red bridge named "Nakabashi" cross over Miyagawa river where cherry blossom and willow trees lined along its path.

15 minutes north of Route 41 from Takayama. Once again, Edo-inspired streets appear. It is Hida Furukawa called "Oku-zashiki" in Takayama. The small and tasteful townscape is perfect for exploring. The Seto River, where over 1000 colorful corals swim against the backdrop of white-walled storehouses, adds to its moist taste. On the other hand, we can see the scene where local children are playing with smiles, and feel the warmth rooted in their lives so that they can not hesitate to call it a tourist destination.


Miyagawa morning markets

you can experience morning markets at Miyagawa and Jinya-mae which continued from the Edo period. market open around 7am. most venders sell folk crafts, local foods, farm products such as dried fruits, pickles and flower.

Takayama Jinya

another historic spot in this town is The Takayama Jinya it is a historical museum was use since 1692 The building served as the grovernment office during the Edo period and it was official use until 1969. Although there were 64 regional heagquarters, Takaya Jinya is the only one existing today.

Takayama festive

Takayama's is a festive town the most popular is Takayama festival held every spring and autumn. Yama, hoko, Yatai, a float festival in Takayama, this festival is gorgeous enough to be called a "moving Yomei gate". The spring festival held on April 14-15 is called Sanno Festival. The Autumn festival held on Octorber 9-10 is also call Hachiman Festival.

Hida Folk Village Hidanosato

If you want to experience the Edo period there is Hida Folk Village, it is an open-air museum where they have collected over 30 traditional houses in Edo period around the Hida region to replicated an old-fashion rural village in 1971. The museum features buildings such as Gassho houses, storehouses and logging huts. Inside the house exhibit tools and household goods used in the past.


Full size luxury SUV. The model for North America, created in 2004, is over 5 meters in length and about 2 meters in width. Of course, the three-row, eight-seater car is spacious and enjoyable with friends. The engine is a 5.6-liter V8, making the huge body run lightly. I want to enjoy the Gifu drive with the V8 sound unique to American cars.

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