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Gifu city is a beautiful historic city located in central Japan. And also knowed as the city of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga. During the Sengoku period, Oda Nobunaka used this area as a base in an attempt to unify and control Japan. Gifu Castle overlooks the city from atop Mt. Kinka. with cable car connects the castle to Gifu Park at the foot of the mountain visitors can easily visits and enjoy breathtaking view of a mountain and castle.

Kawaramachi street is located near by Gifu Park, the city's traditional wooden house still remain. Here you can find Japanese restaurants and sweets shops, as well as traditional local crafts and paper lanterns. It is very easy to drive around this town and there and many places to park.



Gifu city is also home to Japan's most ancient fishing tradition called " Ukai" or cormorant fishing, a 1300-year-old method of fishing. Ukai tour take place at night, the light of bonfires from the boat effects to the river as red and the castle appears behind is such an impressive views. It attracts thousands of visitors in the summer.

Gifu Castle

Gifu city symbol. It is known that Oda Nobunaga once lived there. The present castle tower was rebuilt in 1956 (Showa 31), and its inside is a document display and observation deck.

Gifu Kinkasan Ropeway

46 people gondola ropeway connecting Gifu Park. Kinkazan on its feet. From the summit you can see not only Gifu city but also the suburbs. Round trip charge is 1050 yen.

Yanagise Shopping Street

An arcade town with a nostalgic atmosphere of good old Showa. In addition to long-established cafeterias and Japanese confectionery shops, recently, general-purpose sundries have appeared one after another. As it is covered, it can be enjoyed without being influenced by the weather.


Coupe is a symbol of luxury brands. The G37 coupe plays its role in Infinity. Japanese name Skyline coupe. This CV 36 debuted in 2007. Total length 4.66 meters, total width 1.82 meters. It is equipped with a 3.7L V6 engine.

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